About me

Hey there and welcome to Comics after Midnight, a site dedicated to comics and other art forms that try to make sense of this crazy world.

My name is Leo Flemisch, I am (among other things) a student, cartoonist and aspiring editor from Bonn, Germany. Comics and cartoons first entered my life when I was a kid, jumping from the pages of tattered Mickey Mouse copies or flashing from old television sets. They formed the colorful and goofy background noise to my childhood and while I enjoyed them, I gradually moved on to written stories, adventure and fantasy novels.

It was many years later in college when I got a real taste for what comics had in store. Out of dim curiosity, I picked up Ghost World by US cartoonist Daniel Clowes at my local library, a thin comic about the coming of age of two adolescent girls later turned into a feature film. Reading Clowes shifted my tastes in a major way, I started getting interested in American underground comics and then in German long form comics for adults, blossoming under the label of ‘graphic novel’ in newspaper editorials and bookstores. Since then, I’ve filled many shelves with discoveries and part of the point of this website is to share some of these findings.

The reviews and essays on this page are shaped by my personal preferences as well as my studies of media and literature. My readings seek to ‘connect to dots’, to link individual stories to issues currently debated in modern society, US, German or otherwise. It is my belief that comics can be more than a form entertainment or a commodity. At their best, they are a beautiful new shape of the human impulse to squeeze meaning from this world.

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Leo Flemisch
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